Pogba’s Statistics Are Not Too Shabby

Paul Pogba has received a lot of criticism for not making a positive impact since arriving at Manchester United.  The expectations were high considering his record breaking 105 Million € transfer fee and all of the hype surround him.

Although he hasn’t been able to be as dominating as he was during his time with Juventus, according to whoscored.com, he has the third highest rating, behind only Alexis Sanchez & Eden Hazard.  While these statistics are useful, it’s hard to accept that Pogba is ranked higher than players such as Diego Costa, Romelu Lukaku & Zlatan Ibrahimovich, among others who have all had better seasons and have been more valuable to their team.

Perhaps these statistics will provide some solace to the Manchester United fans who were expecting Pogba to vault their team back to first place instead of floundering in 6th place.  His ever changing flashy hair styles are still top notch though.

Top 5 Premier League Players as of 02/08/17

  1. Alexis Sánchez – 7.85
  2. Eden Hazard – 7.85
  3. Paul Pogba – 7.72
  4. Diego Costa – 7.63
  5. Roberto Firmino – 7.57



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