Did Harry Kane Imply That Pochettino Is A Cold Psychopath?

In a recent interview, Harry Kane revealed that he thinks Mauricio Pochettino can become cold and ruthless if you cross him.  “He’s got two sides to him. He’s very respectful — if you respect him, he’ll show you respect back. If you work hard for him, he’ll give you his time. But he’s ruthless if you cross him. If you don’t want to work for him and you don’t want to be a team player, you won’t be part of the team.”

A few commentators noted that this was a characteristic shared by many psychopaths.

This is what psychopaths do; they will show their good side to someone who is doing as they please but as soon as that person does something they don’t like, the psychopath becomes cold and distant and if they’re in a position of power, they become ruthless.

“Manipulative psychology is destructive in love and relationships. It can be a form of abuse. But in a ruthless, performance-driven profession it is an absolute necessity.”

you actually think that managers are not psychopaths??

Have Kane’s words been misinterpreted and blown out of proportion or is Mauricio Pochettino a psychopathic dictator wannabe who shuns any player who doesn’t drink the koo-laid?

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