Conte Clashes With Mourinho

Chelsea defeated Manchester United 1-0 in today’s FA Cup game and delivered yet another blow to Mourinho’s bid to win silverware this season.

The match was filled with many cynical tackles by Manchester United, two of which caused Ander Herrera to be kicked out of the game after receiving his second yellow card.  However, the tackle that caught Conte’s attention was Valencia’s tackle on Alonso, which occurred right in front of Conte.

A visibly upset Conte, loudly voiced his displeasure and gesticulated towards the referee.  At this point, Mourinho apparently said something and Conte angrily walked over to Mourinho while shouting at him.  It’s reported that Conte told Mourinho to play the ball.

When Chelsea defeated Manchester United 4-0 earlier this season, Mourinho took exception to Conte’s celebrations after each goal.  It’s likely that he’s even less impressed with the words Conte hurled at him during this game.

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