2016-17 Transfer Market Analysis Of The Big 6 Premier League Teams

With the exception of Leicester City’s unbelievable accomplishment of winning the Premier League Title in 2015-16, the richest teams normally win the title and dominate the top 4-6 spots in the table.  We will examine how the current top 6 teams fared in this year’s transfer market.  All figures courtesy of http://www.transfermarkt.com.

Purchases – 132,80 Mill. €
Sales – 108,40 Mill. €
Net income: -24,40 Mill. €

Chelsea’s biggest signings were the acquisitions of Michy Batshuayi for 39,00 Mill. €, N’Golo Kanté for 35,80 Mill. €, David Luiz for 35,00 Mill. € & Marcos Alonso for 23,00 Mill. €.  While Batshuayi has been a bench warmer the entire season, the other 3 players are now an integral part of the team, especially Kante.  These shrewd signings have also allowed Conte to utilize the 3-4-3 position.  Since switching to this formation, Chelsea has been nearly unstoppable.

Their biggest sale was shipping Oscar to SIPG for an astronomical 60,00 Mill. €.  Oscar had become spare parts when Conte switched to the 3-4-3 position.  Overall, they spent 24,40 Mill. € more than they earned, which isn’t bad for a big team.

Purchases – 82,50 Mill. €
Sales – 53,30 Mill. €
Net income: -29,20 Mill. €

The Spurs biggest signings include Moussa Sissoko for 35,00 Mill. €, Vincent Janssen for 22,10 Mill. € & Victor Wanyama for 14,40 Mill. €.  They shipped off Ryan Mason for 15,40 Mill. € & Nacer Chadli for 15,20 Mill. € to recover part of what they spent.

They don’t spend as much as the other top teams but they did enough to make the necessary improvements needed to compete for the title.  They’re currently in second place.

Manchester City
Purchases – 213,00 Mill. €
Sales – 35,35 Mill. €
Net income: -177,65 Mill. €

Manchester City is one of the clubs that made a mockery of financial fair play rules back when these rules were somewhat relevant.  They spend ridiculous amounts of money every year and this year was no exception.  Some of their biggest signings were:
John Stones 55,60 Mill. €
Leroy Sané 50,00 Mill. €
Gabriel Jesus 32,00 Mill. €
Ilkay Gündogan 27,00 Mill. €

They shipped off Stevan Jovetic for 13,50 Mill. € & Edin Dzeko for 11,00 Mill. €.  One of their most curious signings was the acquisition of Claudio Bravo for 18,00 Mill. €.  Guardiola’s obsession of having a goalkeeper who is capable of being a sweeper keeper has backfired.  Bravo has been a bust, having played poorly in several games.  Gundogan’s injuries have prevented him from making an impact and despite splashing all of that money on John Stones, their defense is still average.

Purchases – 113,00 Mill. €
Sales – 10,35 Mill. €
Net income: -102,65 Mill. €

Arsene Wenger is often criticized for not spending money but this year he did just that.  His top signings include:
Granit Xhaka 45,00 Mill. €
Shkodran Mustafi 41,00 Mill. €
Lucas Pérez 20,00 Mill. €

He was widely criticized for signing Perez.  The fans wanted him to sign a high profile striker and they were disappointed when Wenger signed a player many of them never heard of.  As of late, Wenger tends to splash money one one or two key players rather than sign 4-5 players.  This strategy didn’t pay off for him this year.

Purchases – 79,90 Mill. €
Sales – 85,90 Mill. €
Net income: +6,00 Mill. €

Liverpool is the only top 6 team to have made money on the transfer market.  Their top signings include Sadio Mané for 41,20 Mill. € & Georginio Wijnaldum 27,50 Mill. €.  They shipped off Christian Benteke for 31,20 Mill. €, Jordon Ibe for 18,00 Mill. € & Joe Allen for 15,50 Mill. €.

Although they’re still not happy with their goaltender, they have improved from last year and their fiscally responsible strategy this year will allow them to splash extra money on players in next year’s transfer window.

Manchester United
Purchases – 185,00 Mill. €
Sales – 47,15 Mill. €
Net income: -137,85 Mill. €

Mourinho often whines about how much money Manchester City spends but it’s hard to sympathize with him considering the amount of money they spent this year.  Their big signings include spending a record breaking 105,00 Mill. € for Paul Pogba, Henrikh Mkhitaryan for 42,00 Mill. € & Eric Bailly for 38,00 Mill. €.

Pogba has performed reasonably well but when you consider the amount of money they spent on him, this is currently a bad acquisition. Mkhitaryan was inexplicably banished to the bench for long stretches of the season despite playing well whenever he got the chance.  Their best signing was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was acquired in a free transfer.  United is currently in 6th spot.

Overall, Chelsea & Liverpool performed the best.  Chelsea’s signings allowed them to revamp their team and formation.  The underrated Alonso has become an indispensable winger, while Kante is continuing the stellar performance we saw from him last year.  Luiz has also performed surprisingly well considering his defensive shortcomings.  Liverpool added a couple of key players while unloading spare parts, which allowed them to make a nice profit while improving their team.

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